Wine + Ice Ceam Pairings

Wine and Ice Cream Pairings

Wine + Ice Ceam Pairings

Thank you for celebrating the end of Summer at our Ice Cream Social!


If you weren’t able to make it to The Lounge for the party, we wanted to share our menu of pairings so that you can try them anytime at home. All food and wine pairings are subjective and will differ among people’s preferences. Experiment with your own combinations and let us know how it went!

We started with the 2015 Brut sparkling white wine paired up with a light and refreshing passion fruit sorbet. The passion fruit brought out a little touch of sweetness to the brioche flavors of the wine, it reminded us of the warm fresh and floral summer breeze. Our next pairing was chosen by surprise, the 2014 Climax blend pairs great with NOBLE Folk’s Blood Orange and Raspberry (their spin on the classic orange creamsicle). With how extremely lush the body of this blend is, the bright orange and raspberry pop of flavor brought out the finish for a lingering balance of tannins. The 2014 Malbec with coffee ice cream is what started it all, after a random ice cream sample and sip of wine, its all downhill from there. At the Lounge this pairing will always be a favorite, it has a classic spice profile with a bold but velvety smooth finish. Our 2013 Viognier port and 2014 Zinfandel Port were easy to pair but so hard to finalize what we liked best… so we suggest to try them BOTH with the Lemon Custard topped with blackberry compote AND the Swiss Chocolate ice cream. Have fun trying them all!

Viognier Port + Lemon Custard = Strong front palate with a crazy flavorful lingering finish
Viognier Port + Swiss Chocolate = Salted Chocolate Caramel
Zin Port + Lemon Custard = Pops of blueberry and bright lemon
Zin Port + Swiss Chocolate = Classic coco and rich plum characteristics

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