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The MAC WORLD CUP We take our Mac & Cheese Seriously.   Few things pair better with a glass of thumbprint wine than macaroni and cheese. If you agree, check out our blog post, Mac-a-palooza, where you'll find four delicious gourmet mac-n-cheese recipes to try at home. In...

thumbprint cellars Wine Blending Parties If you can't Love the Wine You're With, blend your own!   Join our winemaker Scott Lindstrom-Dake as he guides you through the art of wine blending. This event is hands-on and pressure-free. We provide guidelines ensuring a successful bottling of your unique vintage!...

Planting & Pouring Parties   We love Mother Earth almost as much as we love a fine wine. What better way to celebrate summer than planting succulents while sipping Syrah?   ...

Think you can tell a Cab from a Zin?   We love puzzles and games, and what's more fun than name-that-vintage? Join us for a blind tasting event — even if you guess wrong, you're still drinking wine!...

Authors & Vintners, Words & Wine   Our Books & Wine Events serve as a wonderful opportunity to meet authors, discuss literature, and discover new wines! We'd argue that our tasting lounge is even better when paired with a favorite bookstore, Copperfield's Books. Join us and see...

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